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The Kawakin Holdings Group aims to be an engineering solution group that proposes high-quality products and services to the world with the comprehensive strength of technology and organization.
From April 2009, the Kawakin Holdings Group has transitioned to a holding company structure with Kawakin Holdings Co., Ltd. as the wholly-owning parent company. Kawakin Core Tech will continue to promptly propose "engineering solutions" that adapt to changes in the market environment by strengthening relationships with client companies through synergistic effects with Kawakin Holdings Group companies.

Civil Engineering Construction Equipment Division

Material Division

Service Division

  • 株式会社川金ビジネスマネジメント

    Kawakin Business Management Co., Ltd.

    As a group shared service company, we are developing general affairs / accounting support business, various legal affairs support business and real estate leasing business of each group company.

  • 株式会社川金金融

    Kawakin Finance Co., Ltd.

    We manage funds within the group.