Our Brand Vision

THE ASWER The best answer for a resilient future. THE ASWER The best answer for a resilient future.

What do we have to offer?

Seismic protection technologies forged in Japan, an earthquake-prone country, to keep people around the world safe.

Over 70 years of experience and knowledge for innovative disaster-resilient city development and renovation of aging infrastructure.

A wide range of seismic and structural devices vital for bridges and buildings, and expertise in structural analysis, inspection, and maintenance.

The answer that will stand solid for years to come. All for a stronger tomorrow.

Kawakin Core-Tech

Our Solution

We provide THE ANSWER to all your concerns for seismic and structural devices!


Kawakin's solutionfor seismic and
structural devices

and Analysis
and Installation
and Maintenance


We provide the best answers to all your concerns about seismic devices, bearings, and expansion joints based on our years of experience in manufacturing, survey, maintenance and analysis.

Design and Analysis

Using our more than 70 years of expertise, we design optimal seismic and structural devices that address the specific needs of your project. We also provide professional support for structural analysis.

Manufacture and Installation

We manufacture easy-to-install and reliable high-quality devices. Kawakin also assists in the installation of our devices by providing expert advice and detailed installation manuals.

Inspection and Maintenance

Our survey, inspection, and diagnosis specialists identify and propose cost-effective maintenance, repair, and retrofit strategies for existing structural and seismic devices.

Top Message

From Shinkichi Suzuki, the President and CEO of Kawakin Holdings Group.