• ISO9001取得
  • ISO9001取得
  • ISO9001取得


As a member of the Kawakin Holdings Group, Kawakin Core Tech obtained ISO9001 audit registration in December 1999 for the manufacture and design of bridge building equipment in general as a proof of our commitment to quality and the environment.
We will continue to make further efforts to create a better environment so that we can accurately grasp the needs of our customers, aiming to create a safe, secure and prosperous life.

Certification body ASR Co., Ltd.
Registration number Q3390
Certification date December 1999
Authentication range Design and production of bridge / building bearings, seismic isolation / damping devices, accessories, and expansion / contraction devices for bridges, as well as maintenance and repair work for bridge bearings.
Applicable standards JIS Q 9001:2015(ISO 9001:2015)
Registered business operator Kawakin Core Tech Co., Ltd.