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                    川金コアテックの「免制震技術」。 安全・安心のテクノロジーで未来を拓く、

Kawakin Core-Tech's innovative seismic isolation and vibration control technologies provide a foundation for public safety.

President and CEOSuzuki Shinkichi

Kawakin Core-Tech is the leading manufacturer of bearings for bridges-offering expertise in molding and processing technologies, analysis and design, and product Records. Through our advanced technologies, we develop engineering solutions that enable new possibilities for civil and industrial infrastructure around the world.

To prepare for earthquakes and other natural disasters, there is an urgent need to provide structural reinforcement of buildings and bridges constructed more than 50 years ago. Strengthened by the core competencies of the Kawakin Holdings Group, we are developing new products to cost-effectively retrofit both old and new structures for greater protection throughout their lifecycle. Committed to global public safety, we will continue to provide tomorrow’ s technology, today.