About us


Corporate philosophy

Providing optimal engineering solutions with high-quality technology,
contributing to the creation of a safe, secure and comfortable social infrastructure.

To realize this philosophy
  • 1

    We will carry out sincere and responsible corporate activities and aim to be a company that is trusted by society.

    In order to fulfill our social mission of providing safe and secure products, we will practice fair and fair corporate activities in accordance with legal compliance and high corporate ethics.

  • 2

    We manage with the highest priority on quality and safety.

    We will establish a system to ensure quality that customers can use with peace of mind, and strive to create a system that can guarantee that quality and take action.

  • 3

    We will continue to take on the challenge of researching cutting-edge technologies and developing new products.

    Tomorrow ’s Technology, Today will be realized through repeated ingenuity so that we can provide attractive products and services that enhance customer satisfaction.

  • 4

    Make the most of the Kawakin Group's comprehensive strength.

    We will create new value in each business field by making full use of the people, technology and know-how cultivated by each group company.

  • 5

    Build a rewarding and vibrant company.

    Build a corporate culture where employees can trust each other, grow together, and feel the joy of working.

Quality policy

We will conduct our business activities in accordance with our policy to provide safe, reliable and high quality products and services to our customers and society.

  1. It is engaged in corporate activities such as development, design, production, sales, and service with the highest priority on quality.
  2. When providing products and services, we will comply with customer requirements and applicable laws and standards, and thoroughly prevent fraud.
  3. When developing and improving products, we will thoroughly evaluate safety and reliability, and achieve quality that enhances customer satisfaction.
  4. Build an appropriate quality management system, set quality goals, and carry out continuous quality improvement activities through reviews.
  5. Quality education will be provided to all concerned parties to raise awareness of quality.
  6. Disclose accurate and appropriate information on the quality and safety of products and services.

Core value

Our important values

Holding hands firmly, we can make a better future.
Together, we will grow and expand more.